Spencer genealogy

"Winding Gear" an artists impression of the Black Country in the 1800's.

By kind permission of Marin Poole.

I started, quite a few years ago now, to develop a keen interest in our family history. Somewhat regrettably, this interest developed after many of the people who could have filled in some of todays missing details had passed on. Although the Spencers and Birds were predominantly Lincolnshire families in the 1900's, many of their roots lay in the industrial heartlands of what we know today as the Black Country. For that reason I am currently attempting ongoing research trying to relate the families origins to the development of the area they were known to inhabit, and, hopefully at some stage , this will also include a history of the major companies I have worked for during my own industrial life in the Midlands.

This site also has a direct link to the genealogical databases of families around the Spencer/Smith/Bird/Moy/Eccles one (hosted by the MacFamilyTree software company). Click here to explore with the relevant password. If anybody would like to submit scans of old family photographs not already on this site please let me know.

For anybody interested in the history of my old school (Brigg Grammar School - renamed The Sir John Nelthorpe School in 1974), a further section is available on this site. The school dates back to 1669 and has some fascinating history. As well as books written by Frank Henthorn (a former teacher of history at the school) the section contains links to the Briggensians website and contributions I made some years ago by scanning every one of the school magazines from the start of production in 1914 through to 2007, since when they have been produced in digital format only. In the main, these are all in searchable, pdf, format. ​

Finally, for anybody interested in memorabilia relating to the now defunct Normanby Park Hockey Club there are a number of bits of data in the section marked "Schools and Sport".

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