General notes

 Genealogical research produces a wealth of data which can often be difficult to assimilate and understand properly as family links become ever more intricate. The bulk of my own research work over many years has been achieved using the facilities of Findmypast and Ancestry but in recent years I have become a fan of the MacFamilyTree software.

Not only is it capable of three dimensional displays for selected families but it also syncs the data with the free LDS site run by the Mormon Church in Salt Lake City. And, to further help the spread of this data to interested family members, MacFamilyTree data is 'synched' to its own Cloud Tree supported by the Apple organisation and its intense commitment to security.

Although either an iMac or an iPad/iPhone is required to view this data, the best bit is that the genealogical research immediately becomes available to invited subscribers who are then able to correct (or add to) information currently available (providing they are running at least the Sierra operating system on the iMac or IOS 10 on their mobile equipment).

MacFamilyTree allows the data to be broadcast in website form on its own computers.

FOR THE SPENCER FAMILY TREE CLICK HERE (the site needs an appropriate password which can be obtained by contacting me using the contact form in the menu bar).

FOR THE BATES/HALLAM/HUTHWAITE FAMILY TREE CLICK HERE(again the site needs an appropriate password) 

Aside from the MFT website looking purely at historical data, this web site is built on a photographers platform called Smugmug. The site has been adapted to cope with the demands of family historians but, essentially, the main features of Smug Mug have been retained. 

Family members may download copies of the photographs shown on this site but they will require a current password to do so. It is also possible for family members to upload their own photographs/scans to the galleries on this site but they will need to contact me first.

I am endeavouring to 'tag' every photo I have on this site with appropriate information to allow the 'SEARCH" function to work properly. This is an alternative way to bring up specific groups of photos in a database which currently runs to several thousands. In the meantime I have tried to group the more important family photos together into individual families. Please note that many 'families' have the same photos appearing in different collections.

In addition to photographs, the site contains a number of videos (largely of family weddings). These may at first sight appear as a blank space on the screen but most contain a title (by running the cursor over the space) and will open up the video when double clicked.

It's quite likely that there will be certain details I have recorded on the site which will have errors of various types in them. I am very happy to have corrections relayed to me, preferably on email using the contact form on this web site.

Each of the galleries above represents different members  of the Spencer family of Carrie and Wilf(Sen)'s children.

The Bird, Moy and Woolsey Archives

The Eccles Archive

The Bird family print is thought to show (Great Grandad) Ben Bird and Lydia Downing probably around the time they were married (1881).

The Woolsey family is depicted by Pamela Woolsey on her 21st birthday.

The Eccles family around 1891: Ellen and twin sisters Rosa and Lilian at the back. The children are thought to be (L to R) Annie  (11), Jane (8), Lucy (4), James (1) and Hugh (6).

The Bates, Hallam and Huthwaite Archives

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